Monday, May 29, 2006

Sophie Days: The Beginning

school started last week,,the opening of classes signaled the start of my sophie days,, I couldn't feel how one week passed..I didn't know,,hehe. So far, I'm liking my profs, with their sunny disposition, haha, I don't think this term would be a burden (hope so!!!)

Monday : First Class: Filipi1 - at last! Filipino again! Ms. Ortiz was my prof. She seemed nice! Really! I used to like how she makes us laugh.
Second (and last class for the day:) Class: Intphil: I thought my prof was Mr. Villacorta, but another man entered the room - He was Mr. Unson, but I think it's planned by God, because I heard that Mr. Unson was good..he was kind too! And I could say It was true because he told us he'd be giving additional .5 to those who could make a perfect attendance! Yey! I just hope I won't be late coz I have to walk from M to Y.
Tuesday: Lab! Chem!!! LBYCH05,, I never learned to like Chem when I was in highschool! I hate computations! I hate everything about science except for astronomy! Haha! But, it depends on who would be my teacher. Now, I think, I would get to like Chem lab, (do hope so!) coz Ms. Awat seemed nice.
ArtApre - again, Mr. Bayot was not my prof, but, It was still okay coz I think our prof was not strict.
Relstwo - My prof was Dr. Almandrez. I have a problem with rels coz one of the requirements was to participate in the parish, and although I go to Church every Sunday, it wasn't the thing relstwo requires, so I guess, I have to fix it at least by Friday.
Wednesday: Filipi and Intphil,,so far,,so good
Artsche: Another prof entered the room. Hehe, but then again, it's just fine coz Dr. Ilao seemed fun. I mean, I think, I'd like artsche unlike when I was in highschool.
Thursday: Nothing much happened. Except for the naughty thing Aj and I did. haha! After class, Aj and I went to cellos (spelling?!!!) I'd change it if this wasn't correct! Haha! Stupid!!
Friday: Ms. Ortiz started her second discussion,but my notebook was still empty! Haha! Blank!Blank!
I was one of those who were given addtional two points in Intphil coz I already have the book. Haha! I guess, the additional points would be of big help in my first long quiz!
No break..coz I have Orient1. Haha! No comment!
Artsche - I thought we'd be having a quiz! but Dr. Ilao said the quiz qould be on Wednesday! Yey!
After class,Aj and I ate at PizzaHut1 So expensive the service charge huh?!

Lessons..lessons..oh, I remember Greenie, my Filipi seatmate, she was mad to one of our classmates..pano ang feeling..sobrang active to the extent na..haay nako, may pagkaepal!


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