Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Just Turned 18

I'm now of legal age!!! But I don't feel like one! Hehe! Nothing really changed! Except for the fact that I turned a year older.
I turned 18 last April 18 (18-18 hehe!). I celebrated it the day itself. My party was held at The Grand Parkplace Village's Clubhouse. My party was like the traditional ones, with 18 roses and 18 candles.
I remember my Ninang Grace who was one of my 18 candles who seemed speechless and she was like emotional too. Before my party, I heard her and my mom talking over the phone: "baka mapaiyak ka don?!" I don't know how to react when I saw her teary-eyed during my mom's turn. Whenever I get to remember, I don't know how to react. I don't know if I'd be moved or I'd laugh at it. Honestly, I didn't know, even during my mom's turn, I couldn't be emotional, all throughout the 18 candles I've been smiling.
My friends even made me "buko", they spilled that the special person for me was present. I made a facial expression that has been usual when someone makes you "buko". "Kasi naman" I've been keeping it for quite a while and then my friends made me "buko" lang on that night! Anyhow,it's just fine with me coz I already prepared myself for whatever might happen. There's no good in keeping it anyway because in silence, it hurts more.!
18 roses? I don't know how to elaborate on this one, all I know was that I've been so talkative on all the guys. I keep on making them kulit and asking them anything that comes to my mind. hehe. I really couldn't elaborate, I don't know why, maybe because people already knew what my smiles meant -a possible bliss that lasted for a few seconds. Hehe.
BTW, I sang two songs: The Journey and Reflections. I know some were surprised coz that was the first time they heard my voice, but with my mom and with my friends? It's not a surprise, hehe.
My speech wasn't prepared, hehe, obviously, kung anu-ano lang sinasabi ko. hehe

To sum it up, I really enjoyed my birthday. Thanks to my parents who made everything possible!
I loved the night! I never wanted it to end, I enjoyed!

The pics? Hmm, I'd be uploading some to my photo album. Feel free to visit my yahoo photos.


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