Thursday, May 11, 2006

Belated Happy Birthday to:
May 9: Ryan (17th bday right?)
Hey! How's LB? "Baba ka naman ng bunds!" You missed a lot of events!
Nica May
Welcome to the society! Hehe "Parang hindi ka part ng society!" hehe!
Happy Birthday to:
May 11: Cha (my INSTUDI seatmate)
Congrats! Best Player of the Game!(info: DLSU won over PCU sa Shakey's V-league)
Mishu seatmate! (the pic shows me and cha, while waiting for our prof)
See you around La Salle!
Advance Happy Birthday to:
May 12: Nadz
I miss sharing kwentos! Hehe! You've been such a good listener! hugs!
May 18: Joanah
Enjoy Bora! Be sure to bring bora to me! hehe! Hide na lang sa mga trees so you won't get tan! Ayaw mo umitim right?! I'm looking forward to your EK treat! Hehe! I wanna see you na and the rest of the tropang Bratz before school starts at 22!
Let's go to Glorietta again ha?! Let's play at timezone! Hehe! (probably on the 29th?)
May 23: Kate
Make libre! Hehe! Visit us sa Taft! hehe! Let's go to prov. hehe!


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