Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We don't deserve to be treated like this

Tin, my bestfriend and I were talking last night over the phone about our heart problems. IT's just hurting to know that we were like trashes in 'their' lives. Don't they know how much pain and how much tears they gave us.? It's just so unfair. We don't deserve to be treated like this. We're only humans. We could be easily hurt by 'their' cruelty. The only mistake we had was when we loved the both of you with all our hearts. Sana naman, kahit pano ha, maisip niyo na may natatapakan kayo. buti sana kung di kami marunong magmahal o napakawalang kwenta naming tao. kaso hindi. Naging mabuti kami sa inyo pero anong ginawa niyo? Bigla kayong nawala sa ere.

I guess, Tin's right to say that we should move on. It's hurting us so much. Each one naman deserves to be treated well, the problem with 'YOU GUYS' was you're both INSENSITIVE. It's not good to be a dead kid because time would come and you'd realize how bad you became when you remained like that. God gave us feelings and emotions to love and be able to feel love, our feelings and emotions also include the right to respect others and sees if we were already hurting other people. Think so hard guys! In my case, I remained quiet ,you wouldn't hear me complaining that I'm already getting hurt, but it's hard pala to keep the pain and pretend that everything's just fine. I'm not getting paranoid! I know myself! I know when I couldn't bear the pain any longer. Kala niyo lang walang nagbago sa inyo kasi whole pa rin kayo, wala ba talaga kayong damdamin? sorry sa mga sinasabi ko pero that's the truth. You cannot escape from the truth that you're hurting us.

what happened? I may not know your reasons but please, stop breaking her heart. Tell her your side. That's the problem, you tend to keep quiet, it's fine with us if you don't want to tell us your side, but kahit man lang sana sa kanya, talk to her personally, at least kung wala na talaga, there would be no things left unsaid.

to 'him':
alam ko, hindi mo sinabi sa kin na mahalin ka, pero kung alam mo lang, ginawa ko lahat ng makakaya ko to keep myself from loving you. tanungin mo man lahat ng tao sa paligid ko. It just hurts me to think na I was like the hangin na you just ignore. I don't know your side, and maybe, would never hear anything from you. IT just hurts me lang talaga to believe you didn't change, maybe sa iba, pero sa kin, ibang-iba ka na., SOBRA.


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