Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Walk on To Manila

My parents and I went to Manila yesterday, DIVISORIA to be exact because we get the souvenirs/give-aways for my birthday. Oh.. I'm turning 18 this Tuesday, yeah ryt, the day after my course card dist. I just hope I passed all my subjects. Hmm, I fear my INSTUDI. shemms, I don't know what to do if Dr. De Castro didn't give me any grade in the book review. I don't expect anything from our finals, I only expect to have a grade in my book review. Anyway, back to Manila, my mom and I just followed dad to Rob Ermita because he had to fix something in the office (his agency). We ate at Max's, OMG HA! the food was so tagal! My head ached so much because of hunger. Wheew, if Max's gave us an evaluation sheet, I'd be the one to grade them, darn! They were so slow! Can't they think of the people who were starving?! Enough for that thing!! We went to Divisoria after eating. Don't expect anything except for traffic. Yeah, Manila moves so slow in that term. Heat is on! yup! yup! I regret wearing black. Stupid me! hehe!


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