Saturday, April 01, 2006


Wheew! few more weeks and I'll be turning 18. My bez will be turning 18 two days before mine. I think TIN (my best friend for 5 years now) will be celebrating her birthday the day itself, I'm not sure with mine but I'm assuming it's on the day itself too, but it depends, my mom and I will still talk about it, but as of now, I'm starting to text my friends about the 18th, I just tell them it's on the 18th because I just want to assume the most possible day/date.
I went to my Ninang this afternoon to make sukat of the gowns that I'll be using on my birthday and on TIN's birthday. I'll try to have a diet coz I don't like to look so fat on those days. I hope I can do it.


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