Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Best Friend's Debut

Tin, my bestfriend of 5 yrs, celebrated her birthday last Sunday, April 16, 2006 at Royale Tagaytay. Her party was a time for me to see my old friends. I missed them so much, it's been months since I last saw them.They all made my highschool life worthwhile. I have found real friends in the real world. The picture was taken inside the hall where Bez's debut was held. For more photos, you can visit my yahoo photos. I no longer update my multiply because I couldn't upload photos due to some updates multiply had. So friends, you can just view my pictures on my yahoo. Multiply seemed so useless to me now. Anyway, my friends told me I was a record breaker because my message was too long. Gazelle told me my message was nakakaiyak. I didn't notice it because when I speak, I don't really care about if my message was going too long, all I care about was if I already said what I wanted to say. I was quite nervous before my name was called, I didn't know what to say coz I din't prepare for the message. Tin's debut was also the time for me to distribute my friends' invites for my birthday. BTW, my birthday was the reason why I wasn't able to blog right away because after the event, I have to fix my things, clean my room and fix myself. hehe. Kiddin' <> hehe. Just a joke. After the party, my friends took a lot of pictures, hehe, and me as well, using my phone. hehe. I couldn't wait to see my friends again! LOVE YOU ALL GUYS! MWAHUGS!


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