Saturday, April 08, 2006

Jaymee and I together again after a few weeks

Oh, Jaymee and I went to Rob and SM. We met at Rob, and had our bisyo, hehe. When Jaymee and I were about to transfer to another cubicle, I noticed a number of men who looked so scary and that pissed me so much because it seemed that they sinadya to sit in front of our cubicle, I asked Jaymee to look at the men outside, Jaymee was pissed too, so we decided to transfer on a cuble near the video games, when we went out the men said "tapos na kayo?" Jaymee and I were like N.R. when we got into another cubicle, there I said: nakakatakot yung mga guys! di ba i told you, mukha silang hudlom! mukha pang mga rapist, at least dito maraming tao, maraming tutulong." Jaymee agreed, she said: "oo nga, baka mamaya niyan pasukin pa tayo, buti na nga lumipat tayo." There, we sang a lot, hehe, we missed doing it since we got to college. After that we went to SM Bacoor. When we got there, we first look at a resto because we were both hungry and I, myself didn't eat breakfast because I didn't like to, hehe, I don't know, I just don't like. hehe, we were like pabalik balik because we couldn't decide where to eat, we end up eating at TOKYO TOKYO. hehe, I've been craving for Japanese food since I bought ham katsudon at z^2. Ohh, I missed it. I liked it. We looked for Tin'sgift, btw, her birthday will be on easter sunday, two days before mine, hehe, I won't spill here what I had for her, hehe. I spent money for some kikay things.
here's the list:

that's all for now, hehe, i'm waiting for papa to arrive coz he went to grandma to get dinuguan shemms, I've been craving for it when grandma told me about that food.


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