Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Well Admired Guy

I really can't help myself from admiring Richard, yeah, Richard Gutierrez coz he really looks good in any angle, and besides, Richard looks someone I know, not really kamukha, somehow, I might say. But that's just "admiration", nothing more, haha, how could you possibly love an actor? isn't that weird? haha!!! What I like about Richard is how he holds his money, I mean, knowing that a portion of his money went on in his The Fort Condo. Well, that's one thing I look for a guy, I actually want a guy who knows how to spend his money rightly, and how he balances a possible part-time work or raket and his studies. I don't mean anyone here. hehe.I know jana will agree if she reads this. haha, she likes richard too!! Mrs. Gutierrez daw xa!!! haha!!!


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