Thursday, March 09, 2006

This Week

MONDAY: Mar and I were together, as usual, hehe, I enjoy her company so there's no need to question why we're always together after Crithin. We looked for the subjects that we'd take next term, (not summer), too bad, we won't be classmates on all our subjects coz she wanted to take only those subjects that she has on her MMG chart. She won't be pursuing DSM-MMG anymore, she'd just take MMG instead. So there, afterwards, we went to the chapel. Mar and I separated ways after going to the chapel because I need to meet-up wih Nadine for our Introso paper. Mar went to the registar's office to fix her OR because she'd be needing the OR number to have the My La Salle Account. After school, I went straight to SM Manila to meet up with Jamu. We ate at KFC because we didn't eat lunch. I gave her chocolate because that's what I promised to her.
TUESDAY: I thought I'd be late for my first class because the bus was so slow. It was like travelling for a hundred hours. Oh. I might be so exaggerated, but that's how I'd describe that bus. So I was really in a hurry to reach L211 where I'd be having my first class which was KASPIL.
I have PE but we didn't swim because we just watched a sychro video.
WEDNESDAY: Yesterday seemed so fun. Mama and Papa bought me a new fone, it was a sony ericsson z520i. I wanted to put its pic here but I couldn't, maybe the next time, I'd be able to put a pic of z520i here. Jamu and I saw Ronron, an h.s classmate and friend at Park n Ride. The good thing in there was he paid for our fare. Nice one!!! hehe.
THURSDAY: TODAY!!! We had a report in KASPIL. it was good. We did fine. Our prof appreciated our report. And our classmates too appreciated it. Thank You for listening. Haha. Oh and Thank you to. ___________, too bad I don't know her name, she's my classmate in Crithin also pa naman. She gave us a perfect score of 5 when she answered the question: how would you rate the group? take 5 as the highest.


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