Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Wheew~~~! time really flies so fast, the present school year was about to end and another school year already starts to welcome students including me. I already have my schedule for the next term, (first term). Puro half day except for Tuesday(my sked?: 8-2:30 with a 20-minute break). I chose not to have this vacant thing because it would just be consuming a lot my time, especially with my present sched, wohow, I'm not really liking it because I have a lot of vacant. So instead of going home early and have a rest for a while, I couldn't make it coz I have to stay in school of course.
Before I used to like English, it's like my day would be really good if I have this subject, so sad, I wasn't able to have it first term of the next school year, I would have take it if 'she' already fixed everything with regards to the subjects that have been credited from my former school.
Speaking of English, my ENGLTWO's sched was so damn tiring and very busy. We have to work on things in just a week and I don't think a week would be enough to accomplish things. I understand we have to comply with everything because it would be for our grades but how could we work on those thoroughly if we were also busy in our other subjects? Oh! Wheeew!!!


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