Friday, March 31, 2006

If You Want Me To go_______ Then tell me Now


-end of the line by honeyz

he couldn't see how my heart breaks whenever I remember how we used to be then and now.
It's just do unfair for me because I couldn't understand why he became like that or why is he acting like that.
It's so unfair.! MY friends were confused too!! They couldn't understand why he was like that. Imagine me passing by him, and his reaction? NONE! DEAD KID, that's him!!! Please don't tell me he couldn't see me, please don't tell me he couldn't remember my voice or the way I speak, that's one stupid answer!!! It was hard for me to bear the pain. I look like stupid now. I looked so stupid when I loved him. I became so true to myself when I loved him, although I used to deny him at first, but that was just my initial reaction to something I never intended and never wanted to happen. I wanted to live a simple life, but my life becomes so tiring because of love. My heart was so restless. Honestly, I'm already fed-up but something tells me to hold on. But, how would I? I knew from the start nothing good would happen? I'm right! Look at me now! I look so stupid!

(i want this to be in filipino)

sabihin mo lang kung gusto mo nang umalis ako. ora mismo, gagawin ko. kung gusto mo nang tapusin ang lahat, sabihin mo lang, ang hirap lang kasi nitong lagay natin. hindi ko naman ginusto 'to. kung sana nga kayang turuan ang puso di ba?! hindi sana mangyayari to. nasasaktan ako.. dito ko na lang sinasabi sa blog dahil alam kong walang silbi kung sasabihin ko sa yo ng personal. manhid ka kasi.


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