Thursday, March 16, 2006

I want to Cry and Swallow my Pride

I'm hurting right now. I don't know how to heal the wounds and put remedy to some bruises. I couldn't understand what's going on, neither know the reasons why things have to be in this way. I only love and that's the only mistake that I know. I don't want to love the guy, honestly, but if only I could teach my heart and instruct everything to my brain, I would do all possible things so that I won't be hurt again and again. I want to cry! I'm really turning emotional whenever I remember what was currently going on, but whenever I remember that I have this thing called 'pride', believe me, and I'm sorry but I'm really a type of person who couldn't swallow my pride because that was the only thing I could leave for myself. I want to swallow my pride because I really want to cry, coz I really couldn't keep all these tears lingering inside. I couldn't take losing the person little by little. I love him, and I Don't know how to stop.


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