Sunday, March 12, 2006

I love You From A Distance

Yesterday, Nica, my highschool friend, sent me a lot of love quotes. The qoutes wanted to melt me from where I stand. Nica and I were in the same chapter. We were in love with guys who both don't know or don't even have a clue that we love them. But Nica was the first to be at the chapter where we stand right now, she loved the guy for a few years already, the guy had been into a few relationships but Nica was still there, feeling the same way toward him. Nica remained loyal to the guy despite "him', having a new girlfriend now.

I'm in love, again. Yes, I must admit. I never thought I would because I was so afraid, I was so frail to love again after HIM. Never in my mind that I'd love again. I considered HIM forever, but now, HE was just an ordinary person I know. HIM as forever has been deleted in my mind. I love this person but he didn't know, and I guess, he never would. I want to say how special he was for him but I was damn afraid that something might be sacrificed. It was hurting me more whenever I realize how much he meant to me. Hiding my love for him hurts me more. But I'd rather hurt myself in this way than letting him know how I feel then lose him forever.

To that one person:

I love you



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