Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dad's Back

My Dad's back after a year.

The picture on the left was taken at the Naia Terminal 3 while my mom, my ninang grace, my brothers and I were waiting for papa (the way I call my dad).

Before we went to the airport, my mom and my ninang decided to have dinner first because we were all hungry especially my twin brothers who were always hungry. The other picture shows my brother yawning while we were at Mr. Ho Tsin something, resto, sorry, I forgot the complete name of the resto. I didn't really like my food, I ordered beef brisket because it was so tuyo, there's no sabaw. My dad bought me a new pair of earrings, I couldn't wear it yet because I study at La Salle and it's located in Manila, and knowing Manila, some were really cruel and that they'd do everything for the sake of money. I learned that from my mom because her earrings were snatched when she accompanied me to UST last year.

Last Tuesday, we went to Duty Free. We shop there whenever dad goes home. Afterwards, we ate dinner at Chowking - BLUE WAVE.


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