Tuesday, February 28, 2006

When He Accompanied Me to a Rollercoaster Ride

I never imagined myself liking that person. I never dreamed to let things be this way. I never want to hurt myself but I couldn't really explain the circumstances to my restless heart and workaholic hypothalamus. If only I could close my eyes whenever I see him coming toward me, If only I could push myself away from him, if only I could cut the bonds we have, I'd take the risk just to lessen the pain I have inside. But I know, I doing those things don't really lessen the pain but it's escaping the truth of my feelings. I know he was once hurt by the person he loved the most, and if only I could put back the pieces of his broken heart, I'd really do because It's hurting me more whenever I think about what he felt in the past.

Going back to the guy, he came when I was so down with 'him'. I mean, he didn't literally come but it's like taking a roller coaster ride together. I intend not to put a simple sentence for that because it would seemed to uncover this secret that has been living inside of me since last year.

I only said this thing to those persons who could understand me by heart. I didn't intend to let my other friends to know this because this was really delicate and not for a fact that they couldn't understand me or whatsoever.

Like what I've said in my other posts, histoy reapeats itself and I never learn from those past lessons, although I know from the start that this must be wrong, I continuously went on with this thing.


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