Saturday, February 25, 2006

School Matters

Oh well, a lot of things happened as usual.

MONDAY: I was late on my first class because of my id. I have to do go to the registrar and see what was wrong with my id. I waited for a while and the only reason why my id went on like that was the letter for my parents about the thing. I wasn't able to go to the chapel to pray for my quiz coz I have a quiz on my first class - CRITHIN. Thank God my prof was just about to distribute the papers. About the quiz: It was so confusing. Mar and I were the last persons left inside, not because we found the quiz hard but it was like we're just making sure about our answers.
During our vacant, I accompanied Mar on her former school, UA&P pero I just stayed inside her car and just listened to the songs in her i pod coz she would just be gettng something important.
I like the location of Mar's condo coz it's in front of glorietta. haha.
TUESDAY:No poligov midterm coz the sub was di nagpnta. Haay. nako.
Swimming again! It was like wow, midterms? I didn't know how to swim. Jackie, Nica and I was like "bahala na".
WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY: i couldn't say anything. we don't have poligov last thursday, we waited lang sa rum pero no one came to administer the test.
i took the kaspil test. i was quite nervous. i'll wait for tuesday na lang.

my dad will be home this monday. =p


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