Friday, February 17, 2006

Oh Well: Birthday Plans

Tomorrow is feb 18, 2 months (exactly) before my 18th birthday. Speaking of Feb 18, I remember, it's Bj's birthday tomorrow. Feel ko lang i-share, coz his birthday reminds me that Im going to turn a year older again. My friends keep on asking if I'm going to have the traditional debut. I actually wanted my birthday to be so simple, I wanted it in a nice place (anywhere) (basta wag sa hauz namin), may 18 treasures, 18 blah blah, wohow, I couldn't think of anything at this point coz I have a lot of work to be done. I really wanted to sing in my birthday coz I wanted to share my talent in singing, nyekz! Haha!

Anyway, 2 months? Long way pa! c=


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