Thursday, February 02, 2006

My confession

Wheew! I wasn't able to blog for a few days. I was a little busy with school works. I have to read those photocopies (these were the readings that my profs gave to us) I had during my vacant, work with my partner for our Engltwo paper, read the article for our journal review, re-arrange my lectures, etc etc. During schooldays, I don't have time to surf the net and blog, I was only able to surf the net and look for international events for my instud, and check my friendster account if there were pending requests or testimonials, or messages.

I was also preoccuppied by someone I have hard feelings for, Man, why do you have to make me feel like this? What did I do? You're always cold? I couldn't understand why it has to be this way?Feeling ka pa minsan. You don't even notice how your words hurt me. I never expected that you'd change for a reason that I would never get to understand.

I always bug my friends because of that someone I have hard feelings for. I was so fed up! My friends both new and old keep on telling me "bayaan mo na siya", "don't ever make a move to talk to him", "minsan, barahin mo na siya"

I hope he wouldn't get to read this. Sabagay, he don't care at all.

I'm so glad my friends 'real friends' were always there to keep me up, even my new friends (my la sallite friends) were able to keep me up.


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