Monday, February 06, 2006

Lian's Debut

My friend just turned 18 last month, ahh, by the way, Lian was my friend since we were little kids. She was my classmate until grade 3. I thought I won't be seeing her anymore because she transferred to another school, but fate paved the way, when we were sophies, she transferred to my school, there, I saw her again. Haha! Enough for that, I actually made this entry to say the happenings I had on her party last Saturday, which was held at Portico de gRacia (if you people don't know the exact location,it's in Cavite).

Well, being with high school friends was fantastic. I mean, the reminiscing thing was such a joy to each one of us. As expected, I had fun. I honestly cherished every second of my stay at the party.

Well, I rode with Babu and Jamu, many thanks to Babu for fetching me and bringing me back. Jamu went on our house because she wanted to make pakialam of my stuffs.
I thought we'd be late. We least expected that we'd arrive ahead of our other friends. Raffy, Liana and Keng, Joanah and Marge were the early birds.

I won't mention anymore who arrived next because I couldn't remember.
I had fun!,really, (wheew! I used to say it repeatedly ah!).

Gonna post some pix here, or in my multiply, pero the pictures r not yet available dis tym. gonna wait pa for ja to upload the pics.


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