Monday, February 13, 2006

Last Week; This Week; Next Week


Monday: I was late on my 1st claz. It was the first time. When I entered college, I was labeled as one of the early birds. Man! That was the first time that I was late.
I don't have a companion after Crithin, Mar&Mylo didn't attend so I was all alone there. Thank God I have a kind classmate.
Tuesday: KASPIL again. I was damn nervous coz I expected that Ms. Orillos would call names to answer her questions. Thank God, she didn't need to call names!
POLIGOV, well, I just sat, listening to the reports of my classmates.
PE, I was an observer. You know the reason. Haha!
Wednesday: I thought the crithin quiz results would be out. Our lessons were getting harder. I wish I could pass the subject coz I wanted to take up Intphil next term. I hope Sir Raj would be so kind. AJ told me that "nambabagsak si Raj". OMG!
I saw him. I was standing inside miguel hall, nagpapaphotocopy, I saw him going downstairs, I looked at him twice to check if that was really him, yeah, it was really him, I couldn't remember if he looked at me too, sinundan ko siya ng tingin, goodness!!! he seemed to act like a gay!
Thursday: Haha! My class: 9:40-12:50. So good! I was able to go home early.
Friday: I couldn't remember any. I went to the lib as usual.
Saturday: Make-up class for INSTUDI, We're only 6. Our prof gave us additional 10 points on our midterm exam. If we'd make an essay based on the 3 conflicts (WWI,WWII & Cold War), a possible 50 points would be given to us, if our essay would be good, and we don't need to answer the 2nd part of our exam.


Monday: I received my crithin quiz. Fuck! 2.0! It was so bad for me. I studied hard but! Argghh!!!
Our midterm in introso was moved this wednesday! I don't have crithin this wednesday. My first claz would be introso at 11:40. Hehe! A friend of a friend informed me about 'sariwa', frosh party. A while ago, Vinci asked me to read his blog coz he mentioned the 'sariwa' in his blog, so, I was more informed about the party, I actually wanted to come, but I don't think I would be able to make it coz next week would be A DAMN HELL WEEK for me.

haha! i may sound bitter! Definitely, i'm not.! I'm single, but my hypothalamus was preoccupied by someone special I can't seem liking any other guy other than blah_blah_blah_ haha!!!I'm not yet in love! (yah, dat's true!sounds new?)The last time I fell in love was with **, although I see him in school, I don't think my love for him would remain coz I was damn hurt! I don't want to repeat the same burden and the same mistake. At this point, as I've said, I like this guy, I may possibly love him soon, but before I fall totally, I want to be sure that he'd be the right guy, and I promise to love him truly and with no doubts. So wait for joanne to fall in love again. Hehe.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

next week: hell week hell week hell week hell week hell week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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