Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I don't know how you call this

I celebrated Valentines Day all by myself (wohow, did i really celebrate it or just let it pass by).
No one invited me, oh, I remember, someone invited me out (feb 11), but I didn't mind his invitation. I don't know him personally, he used to text me at times, I don't even know his intention, so why agree or why say yes to his invitation? I would only say yes to those people I know. I have never experienced going out with a guy. So sad!!! =(, anyway, it wasn't too late, too young and too pretty (ahahaha!!kidding!).

I took my introso midterm this morning, I couldn't say anything about it since I was too preoccupied by such things like my instudi, poligov and kaspil. Speaking of Kaspil, I seemed to like it, not kidding, I really couldn't explain but I could really feel that I'm liking it. hehe.

(haha, i remember, I was one of the best in Sibika (history) when I was in grade 2 and best in Hekasi (history) when I was in grade 6),( I even remember having a grade not lower than 94.8 in Social Studies when I was in first year h.s., and the biggest surprise - having a grade of 94.+ on my World History.I'm not being so boastful here, I just couldn't keep this happiness having those achievements, haha, like the Boston Puritans on our Introso.)

My Introso prof didn't renew his contract. Oh, it's kinda saddening coz I'm enjoying his class, although i really didn't know the story because I wasn't there when it happened, I would never judge him, he's not boring, i could laugh and move freely in his class. Oh, please don't get me wrong, I don't mean that I couldn't move freely in my other classes, what I mean was m so much comfortable in my introso class. By the way, my classmates in introso were mostly males because i got into an engineering section.

My bestfriend sent me an e-mail, I was teary eyed while reading it. I remembered everything from being an innocent freshie to a young woman whose goals wre already set. I miss her so much!


oh well, i couldn't say how was it going. i like someone but i don't have any rights to let him know. i was too afraid to let my feelings show. i deny him. something pushes me to keep my feelings and prevent myself from loving him, the only thing i knew was to listen to that something and might as well pray to keep me on the right track.


exactly 2 months before mine.
I'm in confusion.
I wanted to greet him, but I was scared that he won't reply, I don't wnat to be embarrass
he once meant the whole world to me
but now, it's about time to let him go, and move on


i wanted to be sane
i want my life to be normal again


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