Thursday, January 05, 2006

Starting 2006 with my New World

Oh well, the year of the dog just started a few days ago. I was very thankful with what God had given me last year. Although I didn't really start it good, year 2005 still ended with a smile.

I just enrolled this morning. Finally, I was going to be inside my dream school De La Salle University - Manila, everyday. Unlike before, I only see it from a distance because I was a Scholastican then, but now, I was so happy to say that I would not only see it everyday, but be inside it for years.

School for begins tomorrow. Although classes started last wednesday, it would only be tomorrow that a new life would start in a new world. I just hope, I would be meeting nice people. Good luck to my very self.

i would also be posting some happenings last december on my next blog. =)i would just want to rest for a while coz I have a class at 8:10.

=)til next time =)


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