Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lots of Things to Say

I wasn't able to blog these past few days coz I have to do some school stuffs. So There! I was quite upset with my engltwo quiz yesterday coz I didn't understand her question, but that was already done, I couldn't do anything but to strive really hard!
I promised to do my best with that subject and to all of my subjects as well.

Talking bout subjects, I don't have math yet. But I have a swimming class and that makes me so nervous coz I really didn't know how to swim, I just hope, I'd learn how through the help of my kind prof! Hehe! She really seemed nice! How I wish all profs were like her!

I have gained friends already! And I was really thnakful with God. He was really good! I already have companions during my vacant unlike the first day wherein I have to text people listed in my phonebiook just to have someone to talk to.

Mylo and I were talking outside the classroom when someone passed by! OMG! He passed by! I was surprised when I saw him! After all these years, I saw him again! I couldn't really talk for a moment I really didn't know what to do or what to say. I didn't even notice when Mar arrived coz I was still thinking of that person. And this is what really shocked me: my prof in instud was checking the attendace. He was holding the master list of students. I was writing something on my assignment when HIS (the guy who passed by) was called, I, at an instant whispered this to Cha(my friend&seatmate) "Oh my! I know him! He was my crush before! I wasn't ready to be his classmate"
But he doesn't attend any of our classes in instud so I guess, he dropped the subject. I really didn't know.
I told everything to Jamu because I used to go home with her every MWF, I really didn't know how to explain this feeling! I felt like my heart keeps on beating faster! I really couldn't explain! Why now? I already accepted everything!

Well, I got my id already. Hehe! There's no need for me to show up my receipt whenever I enter the campus. Hehe.
Haven't seen Yeo. Mylo told me she saw him twice yesterday when we were beside the Velasco Hall.
I just hope I'd see him these days. Hehe! I like him whever he plays. (Yeah, only when he plays)


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