Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Letter To Someone Else

Dear YOU,

HI! It’s been 2 yrs, 2 months and 20 days since we’ve met. I was enchanted by you. Your face was so magical that it wanted to melt me all the way. You became my crush at an instant. In just one blink, you made me happy as if I was the most auspicious girl in this world. What made me more surprised was when I found out that there were common people between us. I wished that year 2003 never ended coz I didn’t want to be away from you neither lost in touch with you. I have thought of that because you’re going to college back then and I was just an incoming High School Senior.
Your birthday, nearing 2 yrs ago, was one of the most memorable dates that I remember. You invited me to your party, but I failed to come because I wasn’t sure if you really wanted me to be there. You became such a good friend and even a good person. I never imagined that there would come a time that you’d totally forget me. But I was wrong, I thought I was a friend to you. I never expected you to love me back. All I wanted was to stay as your good friend but you even took back the friendship. I once thought of how selfish you became. It hurts me whenever I see you around the university, just passing by me. It hurts me more to think that after all the words we have said, everything went on as if nothing existed between us. You were the only one who made me feel like I was the luckiest girl on earth. I have no doubts when it comes to you. I even wanted to be with you for the rest of my life. Although you wounded me a thousand times then and now; inside and out, and even if I defend you to my friends for the nth time, I always wonder why I couldn’t get over you. But all those that I’ve dream of you turned into dust. You were not the same person I knew years ago. Although I’ve loved you more than any other guys, I couldn’t fight for this one-way love because I knew you would never feel the same way no matter what. I have possibly loved you more than life itself but I better accept that it has to be this hard way than never knowing this one-in-a-million guy who changed my simple life into a colorful one, and that one guy was YOU ********.!


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