Saturday, January 21, 2006

Future Talks: Love, Dreams

My friend and I were talking about this for so long, but it was only now that I remember this future talks as I call it. In short, my friend and I were talking about finding love and getting married. I knew were too young to talk about it but we'd all get in there so I couldn't see anything wrong with talking about it.

It was so funny that my friend (Jamu) and I prefer guys who were maputi. Hehe. It was simply because we wanted to have kids who look mestiza/mestizo. In my part, I really wanted that my future kids would be mas maputi compared to me. Hehe! Jamu, too, wanted it too. For me, nakakatuwa damitan yung mga kids na maputi coz they could wear any color coz pag maputi ka, any color would do good to you.

Hehe, we also talked about our dream wedding. Sharing the same dreams, we wanted to have a church wedding either Manila Cathedral or San Agustin Church.

Jamu even asked me about the groom's attire. I wanted that my groom would wear a suit. Hehe. We're still thinking about the style of our gowns.

One thing that we wanted was this: before settling down, we wanted to build a house first so that it won't be hard for us na makisama sa mga in-laws.

Nga pla, Jamu and I talked about the wedding thing when we're still in h.s. now, we don't really talk about it coz I don't want to talk about love coz it's really hurting me now, I couldn't understand why I tend to hope that there was still a chance for the two of us, I mean for that person who wasn't meant for me.


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