Saturday, January 07, 2006

First Day!!!

I just started school yesterday. I decided to put things chronologically, so it would be clear for those who care reading my blog.


Although my mom woke me up early, I didn't seem to be at school early, hehe, coz ang bagal kong kumilos. I thought I'd be late for my first class, good thing it wasn't traffic yesterday.

CRITHIN: I didn't seem to like the subject. Our prof gave us 3 sample problems to solve at home and I couldn't answer anything. I tried to visualize like what he said, but I couldn't really figure out the answer. I don't think I'd get the plus points that he promised.
VACANT: Lee and I met up so we've been together for a while, but for a bigger time, I was alone.
INTROSO: I was surprised when I entered the room coz I was the only girl who was there. Thank God, I wasn't the only girl in that class, it only happened that I was the first girl to arrive. It's only there that I found out that My was my classmate (oh, thank God again! coz I know her already for quite some time) and she was my classmate too in Crithin. Well, our prof seemed to be funny. But our assignments made me sad coz I don't have the book he told us to purchase. And I don't have the copy of the first 5 chapters either.
VACANT: Met up with my scho friends! Miss you All!
ENGLTWO: So-so. I couldn't say anything at this point.
INSTUD: Interesting. =)


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