Friday, December 09, 2005

When She Raised the White Flag

I remember this friend of mine who once fall for someone who was not a typical boy-next-door, I mean, we don’t really find him handsome, (I’m sorry if I sound so rough), my friend, herself, thought of that too. My friend knew how much we criticized the guy physically (but we do that through jokes), it was just fine with her. Those were plainly jokes, and we don’t really take those seriously. We thought the guy likes her too, because the guy was showing signs of liking her, (yeah, for us those were already signs), and another reason was: someone reliable told that to me, so what do we believe in? He feels the same way for my friend. They, (my friend & the guy) at one point become text mates, so we thought it would be constant even after we graduate from high school. But those were just "THOUGHTS".
We thought!
We thought!
We thought!
What did we get?
Those were just false beliefs!
My friend admitted that she’s already in love with the guy, but she couldn’t admit that same thing to our other friends. She told me she wanted to be with that one guy for the rest of her life (though it’s too early to say). I told her that was undeniably true love.
It was only recently that we found out that the guy already has a girlfriend. My friend of course was instantly hurt. Although she tried to conceal the pain from me, she could never hide what she’s feeling. I know what a girl feels when something like that happened. Plus the fact that she’s my friend and I know her a lot.
Now, whenever she tells me she doesn’t like the guy anymore, that those things were done already, I believe her, because I think, she already raised the white flag.

Two thumbs up for her!
We deserve to be happy!


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