Thursday, December 08, 2005

One BIg Realization

I never thought that I've come to this decision wherein I really have to let go of someone whose love was never mine. I admit, I've tried to forget him several times before but I always end up going back to him. I really do not know what magical powers he contains that put me head-over-heels with him. A lot of things happened along the way, I used to believe that he was the one, but hey, that was before, now, I don't think he was still the same guy I knew.
Maybe, letting him go or should I say giving up was the best and only way to make me live normally again.
After all, If he's really made for me, I'm sure fate would be the one to bring him back, coz it was fate who brought him to me (see my other blog:
"He could turn off the sun but I'm still gonna shine"
(Jason Mraz - The Remedy)
Ahh, that was my favorite line, that was really true, and that same line was applicable to everyone sharing the same sentiments with me. Guys were not the only reason why girls live. It was really up for us girls to stand up after those guys let us fall. There were a lot of important things to consider first.
Love comes when we least expect it.
I have learned my lessons so well, and I'm sure, the next time I fall in love would be with someone really deserving. Wishing my very self a good luck! =)
NOW: I sometimes think that I'm currently occupied by those important things that I don't want to mention.Maybe, I was right.


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