Monday, December 12, 2005

The Lure of Indie Films

Before the film "Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros" was shown nationwide, I already watched it a few months ago at St. Scho's Battig Hall, presumably sometime in September. My Bio prof (ms. dorado) required us to watch the said film because she wanted us to learn a lot from the story.
The story was really wonderful. From the title itself, you could already say that it would be so impressing. It contained different genre: drama, comedy, romance and a little of suspense. I noticed how "maxi" fell in love and did everything he could for that one love. Although 'tanggap si Maxi ng family niya' life was never been that perfect for someone like him. His father and brother were robbers. Conflict started when the person he loved became the family's enemy. Although there were some gloomy scenes, the story did not end that way. Maxi returned to school but never to the first and only man he loved.

INDIE FILMS: I started to read about those through YES! coz my mom used to buy that mag every month so I got to read a little info about those Indie Films. It was only after watching "A.P.M.O" that those Indie Films got my attention, and even inspired me to write a film story.
I have also read a little info about the following Indie Films but have not watched them yet:
Sa Ilalim ng Cogon
Ang Pamilyang Kumakain ng Lupa
Sa Aking Pagkakagising Mula sa Kamulatan

and a lot more.

I really didn't know what magical powers these films have
That invited me to write a story like those


Joseinne on 1:40 PM said...

yeah.. i like indie films better than the local films shown on cinemas. their plots are better and they have more creative settings. ang pangit nga lang ng cinematography, kulang kc sa budget... that's why we should support them more.

there's this indie film fest last june or july called Cinemalaya. (doon unang nakilala yung "pagdadalaga").. i don't know if it's yearly, pero it's held at the CCP. ayun, u can go next year.. daming magagandang films. yun nga lng, hndi free admission :(

continue supporting the local movie industry! ;)

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