Saturday, December 10, 2005

An Inspiring Story

I have thought of Jewel in the Palace while I'm editing my friendster account. I watch it every night and I love the flow of the story.
I admire Jang Geum's courage and determination to learn. I remembered how I value my studies. I recalled how grade conscious I was, back in elemetary. My mom taught me how to value my academic life. She used to act as my teacher at home from the day I started schooling until the third grade. From grade four to present, I used to study by myself. I'm happy whenever I get good grades and warm praises from school, coz I feel like I'm really on the right track even without the help of my mom.
Back to Jewel in the Palace, maganda siya talaga. It's not really a heavy drama. I really don't know what charms the story has kasi nakaka-hook talaga siya.

determination is immesurable
our dream is therefore granted
if we only know how to work for it


Free Thinker on 3:02 PM said...
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Free Thinker on 3:04 PM said...

WELL, talagang maganda ang storya nito although some scenes ay hindi totoong nangyari sa history ng Korea.

- Free Thinker of Jewel in the Palace

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