Saturday, November 12, 2005

Two Ironical Letters

I. Billet-doux

"You enchanted my simplicity
You enveloped me with your optimism
You taught me how to love unselfishly
You swallowed my pride
I have loved you so much
I want to be with you for always"

Hey there! It's been a while since I last saw you
I did miss your smile, your friendliness, your humility, and your happy encouraging lines
But above all, I miss you, I miss everything about you
I love you
I loved you
I'll be loving you again and again
I want to share everything I have with you
This is not an ordinary feeling
For you made my ordinary life...extraordinary

II. Goodbye to You

"I want to say goodbye to someone I never had
I'm letting my tears to fall for someone
who was never mine
I want to say I love you before I end my last
cry for that one extra important person
in my life"

I didn't think that I'll be loving you someday
I just woke up one day, wishing to be beside you
I kept my feelings for the fear that you may hide
I loved you
You didn't feel the same
You ignored me all the way
Goodbye to you!
The curtain is down
My life has to move on
I give up, I surrender, you never became mine
So there's no room for me to stay
You love someone else...not me
You're hurting because of someone else
And for that, I'm hurting too
I have to leave you all behind despite your pain
Because the pain you have inside will never be me


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