Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Past And Present

I went back to my team mates after finishing my gibberish editorial. We were waiting for the others to come when I saw him. I was enchanted by the spark on his face. Infatuation and admiration inchoated inside. I forgot the futile editorial that I did. I felt like my real world transported me to the other dimension. My eyes were glued on him.
That happened years ago.
He left me with countless memories that melted my heart. I couldn't keep myself from smiling. I even turn nostalgic everytime I reminisce. Although I didn't know how to revive the 'link' that we once had, he would still be that one precious guy I know.
I thought the numerous boundaries that we had in between could stop me from keeping him and would lead me to dismissing him but I was completely wrong to think of it.
My resistance on him was weak, or better say, I was weak when he's around.
I loved him once, but now, I love him again.


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