Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Looking Back: An October Calendar

OCTOBER 1: Finals sa P.E.
We didn't win.
3: Report in Psychology about Adaptive and Maladaptive bEhavior. (w/ jho)
I saw Roselee at Mc Donald's Taft. We had a short talk.
4:Ms. Dorado (my Bio prof) announced that there would be an exemption on our finals. Students who got an A- to A during the midterm would be exempted on the finals. Luckily, I was one of those who got an A (hindi ko pinagmamayabang!)during the midterm. It was also our last Bio Meeting.
I didn't attend my Com Arts Class. I decided to go home at around 11:00 a.m. because I still have to review my very long Theo lecture and my computer lessons as well.
5:Finals: Computer
Last meeting w/ Ms. Capuno (my Com Arts prof)
6:No classes. Supposedly, I'd be going to RP Ermita but I don't have a companion and besides, I don't want to look stupid. Haha! I went to Rob Imus instead, to buy some stuffs that I need for my Com Arts portfolio.
I had my toes cleaned.
I finished my portfolio.
I watched UAAP. I saw the victory of FEU over La Salle. So Sad! I'm on the archers' side. But then, Arwind Santos was undeniably great. He deserved to be the MVP.
7: My mom's birthday.
Pao, Jho and I went to G4. Pao treated us out for lunch.
We went back to school for the Living Rosary.
Jona and I accompanied Khukay at Starbucks because she'd be meeting her La Sallian friend who was currently taking up Communication Arts.
9: I reviewed my Com Arts Lec and a little Psych lec.
10: I went to school to pass my Psych homework.
Jona and I went to Starbucks to have some Mocha Frap.
I reviewed my Com Arts Lec again and some Psych lec.
11:I reviewed my Psych Manual from morning till the evening. Ang sakit na nga ng ulo ko nung gabi.
I added some arts (nyaks!)on my portfolio.
I slept ata around 12:00
12:Finals: Com Arts
13: Psych Finals.
Jho gave me a letter. The content of her letter was a little gloomy.
14: Don't have classes anymore.
Jamu,Joanah, Marge and I headed to Rob. Place Manila to shop for clothes and other things.
I arrived home at 9:00. My mom din't scold me, hehe, My uwi ako e!
15: I got my PE class card.
21:Class Card distribution.
25: Ira's birthday.
26: My mom and I went to Baclaran for the novena. We later on went to SM Bacoor to buy some stuffs that we's send to our Canada-based relatives.
27: My HS friends and I visited RC (my HS alma mater).
SO happy!
It was fun!
It was like bringing back the good old times we had there!
28: I went to my derma for my monthly check-up.
29: Grandma's birthday!
Jolo's birthday.
30:Reminiscing October Memories that happened years ago.


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