Thursday, November 24, 2005

Liberty for a Day

Isolation wrapped me up. My mom and my brothers were out due to the annual educational field trip of my siblings. Although I’m caught up into independence, I still love it, it proved that I could already handle myself. I didn’t cook for lunch because I didn’t seem liking my own, I mean cooking was one thing I haven’t learned, and I wanted to be as good as my mom when time comes. I just asked her to leave me a bill so that I could buy my food. Robinson’s place was just near to our house. I swear, I still liked the atmosphere inside our house because it was really quiet here. The atmosphere was suitable for studying. I was able to refresh a little on my Science lectures way back high school and the review materials I had last year.

Our house was really clean. My brothers were not here and that was the biggest reason. Haha! Yeah, because they were the ones who put up mess everywhere, and I was always on the go to fixing their mess.

Weeew! I’m gonna end up here! I don’t have anything else to share.


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