Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Better Stop Dreaming

The transient happiness enveloped my system. I couldn't breath for a second because of enjoyment. He did snivel the gentle breeze that I used to enjoy. I forgot the nostalgic happenings in my life. I scrupulously kept my feelings for him. I knew it was wrong to love him. Dejavu went on me. History repeats itself. I was right.
Completeness was really transitory.
I could compare him to a food during famine. He was hard to reach. Like a food during famine - SCARCITY was the word.
I knew from the very moment I let him in that the next episodes were already scathing, but I was numb. I was imbecile.
I was jaded now.
Someting crashed into me.
Tears fell from my eyes.
I whispered "GOODBYE" to the wind.
It was all up to the wind to bring that "goodbye" to him.
I went back to my room. I looked at his picture. To You: I love You Goodbye!
I bawled.
The ray of light woke me up. It was another day.
I stopped dreaming of him.
I went back to my normal life.


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