Friday, October 07, 2005

The Text and The Plume

i made this for my portfolio in my Communication Arts I. This is a compare and contrast paragraph.

Pen is for writing, while a book is for reading. The pen is used as the basic instrument in expressing things left unsaid. It is also used in answering a seatwork, assignments and other activities. On the other side, the book is used to relax our stressed minds and even our tired body. The book can also be used to hinder boredom from entering our day. Writing is the key to unravel the truths and deepest secrets while reading provides knowledge and wisdom. The pen is a medium for democratic longing while the reading materials can be the eye opener.
Pen is the mirror of our feelings when it is being put into writing while the book or any reading material shapes the image that will be reflected in the mirror after sometime. Writing is one thing that some find boring or tiring as same things or ideas are being associated with reading. Both will always be an easy thing to do depending on how we know the things that we really find interesting or worthwhile. Reading and writing may be different on the way we approach them but they are both used in any aspect of our daily living. We need to write in order to provide communication and let activities be in place. We need to read in order to gain knowledge and understanding. A book will never be possible if the text will never be put into writing. The pen is useless too, if there will be no knowledge at all. Reading and writing both need the other in order to make life worthwhile and interesting. Reading and writing are dependent on one another.
Reading and writing both supplement our minds with wit and intelligence. Although they have dissimilar mediums, both will always be part of learning and education, and of course, our daily living.


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