Thursday, October 13, 2005

SeM BrEak

wee! it's my sembreak already. i was exempted on our bio finals that was why I had a 1 day advance sem break! I couldn't believe that the first sem was all over, the only thing left was to face the class card distrubution and then decide later on about my future plans. It was all in my mind to strive really hard for the first sem. I knew I did my best, my midterm grades were quite good naman except for my Psych which was only 3.00 (4.00 ang highest). Enough for it! Haay! Jaz be keeping my fingers crossed!

Last Monday, I went to school to just pass my assignment in Psych. O di ba?! what I reason! I even wore complete uniform para lang sa ilang minuto. After passing the assignment, Jona and I went to Starbucks to have some frap. So eon, we just shared stories there. I have sent pictures of mine on her phone para i-bluetooth nia since I don't have such device and my phone was still unable to send pictures via e-mail, kasi hindi pa ako napunta sa Smart.

Tuesday, I don't have classes, I just read my Psych Work Text the whole day. Nung gabi, medyo masakit na ulo ko. I ended up just looking at my Com Arts lecture since napag-aralan ko na siya last Sunday and nung Monday Night together with the first part ng psych.

Wednesday, Com Arts finals, I couldn't say anything. I don't even want to talk about it anymore coz it could really make me sick. It was not so shaking though hindi ko lang talaga siya ma-feel, besides, medyo pressured din ako nung sinasagutan ko yun.

Thursday, Psych finals, the moment of truth. Our Psych finals was easier than our midterm na wala talagang lumalabas sa isip ko kahit anong gawin ko. I thought Psych finals would be another frustrating subject pero hindi naman pala. You would really pass if you studied very well. In totality, okay naman yung finals, masasagutan talaga siya, marami naman akong sure, but of course, di pa rin mawawala ang mga alanganin!

Jho gave me a letter this morning. Her letter was a little bit nakakalungkot kasi her letter was about the friendship of course. Mejo serious matters na kasi yung letter. Although wala pang final decision from me, it seemed na jho and the rest of the happy org (parang ang dami namin ah?!) understood why I have to make such decisions that could really result into a big change. AHHHHH! I don't want to say anything muna, may class card distribution pa sa 21, dun na lang ako magdedecide!


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