Thursday, October 20, 2005

NeW Chapter..I'll Let you know mySelf

I have nothing to do this sem break. Using the phone is all I can do to hinder boredom from passing by. I have much time to think and ind myself. I want to know the reason why I'm suffering from such pain. I want to talk to my other friends, I want to update and update all of my blogs. (my multiply, my xanga, and this blogspot). Last Sunday, nagpa-burn ako ng cd. I want to hear my favorite songs in one cd so I decided to have them copied in one cd. So there! I'm still waiting for the 21st to come, it's my class card distribution, and that only means that I want to decide. I just hope, things will go according to my plans. I'm quite sad because of my PE (3.70) is not bad for others but for me, it's kinda saddening coz I got (4.00)last midterm.
I phoned my best friend Tin last Tuesday. I now understand her situation now. After an hour or even hours over the phone, there's one thing that I realized more: I'm still attached with the past. It's about Mr. Someone in the Past. It seemed that I was wrong to say that I don't love him anymore. I was so wrong to say that. He's the only one whom I want to save forever with, though I'm too young to say it, I still know what I'm saying. I know my friends were not really 'boto' with him pero sabi ko nga, pag mahal mo, hindi naman agad nawawala. Plus the fact na yung present na gusto ko ngayon, parang medyo delicate yung case, basta. Medyo magulo talaga.
Bryan called me last Monday night. Napagsabihan niya ko because of 'him'. Wala na kong nasabi to defend him and myself coz I understood his point.


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