Sunday, October 23, 2005

Multiple Questions

Why did you not give me a chance to be with you even for a while? Why did you leave me without even saying goodbye? I have loved you all the way, but you didn't tell me you couldn't stay. I have guaranteed you my friendship but why didn't you guarantee me with yours? I have written your name inside mine but why did you not write mine inside yours? I felt like I was betrayed when you ignored me. I never thought you'd hurt me so bad. I never imagined how your angelic face would turn down my inner beauty and innocent looks. What caused me so much pain was when I could no longer defend you to my friends. They have seen how much I cried out loud because of you.

(i intend not to put here the last sentence for a certain reason!)

nga pala kanina, nagpaburn uli ako ng cd! so! eon! this part is not related na to the title!


Seva Alieva on 5:19 PM said...

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