Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Major Decision

I already have all of my grades. It really seemed that first sem is over and I need to make a major decision thatcan really change my life on all angles. Before abything else, I wanna share with you the grades that I obtained last sem:

THEO A 4.0
BIO A 4.0
COMP A- 3.7
P.E. A- 3.7
PSYCH B+ 3.5

QPA OF 3.725

It's my 'ugali' to read our SMI (Student Manual of Information) once in a while. I used to do it because I'm really watching my performance as a student when it comes to academics. So there! I've read there that once you got a QPA of 3.5 and above you will be qualified for the Dean's Honors List. The list of qualified students is not yet posted. Maybe on the 24th pa. Time is gold for me. I only have 2 days to decide. It's really hard coz I will be coming up into a major decision.
I'm happy coz my grades are good naman. I am happier about my QPA coz it's obviously higher than 3.5. Now, the only thing left is to decide which way am I going to choose. Left?Right? 2 days of discussion with my mom is maybe enough. I feel like I'm a contestant in one of GMA's programs (K! The One Million Peso Videoke Challenge). Tuloy o Tigil?


sai on 4:51 PM said...

good luck on whatever decision you'll make. :D

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