Monday, October 24, 2005

I Hate Them

I abhor insensitive people. Although sometimes, each of us naman has the tendency to be such, it’s kinda normal at times pero ‘wag naman to the highest level. The same thing and feeling goes for those people who are so immature and spoiled. I don’t like IKSP, my own acronym for immature and spoiled people, because I have seen (based from experience) na those two attitudes can lead to insensitivity. I hope those people will mind to look at themselves closely (I’m referring to IKSP), yun bang kahit at one point maisip nila kung ilan na ba yung na-hurt nila or how many times they have ignored someone, so that hindi sila matuluyang maging insensitive.
Vexation knocks at me too for those people who are so OBLIVIOUS with their promises. What the hell are they thinking that lead them to break what they have promised? It’s so hurtful for the person na napangakuan or nasabihan ng mga customary sweet lines. Haaay naku! I’m not naming people here. Tamaan ang tamaan. I do hope those people will be mindful naman of what they did coz if not, they will deserve a leer from me when I see them. I’m a good person, that’s true, but once na my loved ones, my friends, or someone close to me will be hurt, I will be so much pissed.
Lastly, sana naman ‘wag kayong magsasalita against a person kung pinupuna niyo ay katulad din nung ugali niyo. Kasi it’s not good. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Coz You’re judging God Himself when you judge a person.


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