Friday, October 07, 2005

After the Storm Disappears

This is another paragraph from my Com Arts portfolio. This is a should-be-analogy paragraph. Err, just don't know i I did it right.

Battling with problems is one of the biggest challenges in our world. Problems are given to us to make us better persons and live a better life. We cannot deny the fact that some people surrender because they can no longer the pain given by the problems. They are not aware that conquering the problems is the best thing that they can do to correct and solve the things that are bothering them for so long.
The storm will continuously disappear if we will put our faith on the center and by helping our very self to solve the problems. There will never be any unresolved problems because God will not give them if He knows that we will not be able to solve it. God wants us to be strong. He will never do any harm to us because we are His children and He loves us all. As what we all know, and as we all say, a rainbow will appear after the storm. Yes, it’s definitely true because after resolving the problems, we will again feel the happiness and comfort in our lives. We will be seeing smiles again on our faces and we will definitely be grateful to God for helping us get through what we have cried for before. There are a lot of problems scattered on the highway, one of them maybe given to us or some may not be given to us because God knows that we cannot solved them. But no matter how hard to solve each of the problems, we should always remember that the storm will always disappear if we will believe in ourselves that the problems that we are facing will soon be solved by our faith and of course, no one else but by very self. God will always send the rainbow after battling with the problems, a rainbow that will surely be the signal that a new colorful day will begin.


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