Friday, September 30, 2005

Things that Hath Happened

I wasn't able to put this the last time coz my hips was really aching, haaay, of all parts naman hips ko pa!
Eniweiz these were things that happened:
(SEPT. 19 - 23)
MONDAY: Tae- Bo sa P.e. I got an A again on our practical quiz. Finals na sa Oct 1. Aeromarathon! My Psych class ended earlier than the usual. Thank God coz I was so hungry na! I was craving for Mc Donalds pero hindi kami dun nakakain kasi puno na. We ended up eating @ KFC. Parang nakita ko si Rico maierhofer. Not sure.
TUESDAY: Got so nervous on my Bio calss coz I wasn't prepared to report. Thank God, the bell rang at di na ko nakapagreport. This would be the start of my 5 hr vacant every Tuesdays.
I went at DLSU for an important matter. Basta, alam na yun ng iba kung bakit.
My friends and I went to SM Manilato watch Land of the Dead kaya lang hindi pa siya showing so we agreed to watch Red Eye instead.
WEDNESDAY: Birthday ng Twin Brothers. They turned 6. Jho's tito treated us out for lunch.
EAT ALL YOU CAN! sA G4's Saisaki, Dad's and Kamayan. Sobrang busog! Grabe, feeling ko lumaki lalo hips ko. I liked the tempura!
THURSDAY: Reco at San carlos Seminary (makati)
FRIDAY: i only have one class: COMPUTER
Met up with Jamu. We did our bisyo. Videoke. Haha! I got 3 scores of 100.


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