Friday, September 16, 2005

One Stupid Day: A Journey of NowhEre

It was a heck! Jho,Pao and I had this journey going to a place that we were not familiar with. Imagine, we explored Recto. I didn't tell this to my mom because she would scold me for sure. We were looking for a projector(yung pwedeng i-rent), because we need it on our Bio Presentation this Tuesday. The reservation for the projector in our school was full already that's why we had to do some 'remedyo' with it. Unfortunately, we ended up with nothing. We didn't see any. Imagine, we rode the lrt until Doroteo Jose station. Then, we walk, we have gone to Avenida, we asked the guard on the NBS Avenida to tell us the way towards Recto. We just walked until we passed by Isetann, until we finally saw FEU. We crossed the street, to look for that projector, wala pa rin. We decided to go to Intramuros, ' siyempre, wala naman nun dun, kaya we we rode a taxi we went back to Recto again. Badtrip yung mga guys coz they were really bastos. Nandun yung sitsitan ka, titigan si Pao nang sobra. Sorry to say this but it really seemed it was only now na nakakita sila ng mga girls. Nakakainis kasi ganun. Sobra! Late kami sa Euthenics namin! nag taxi na nga lang kami pabalik ng Scho, ubos pera ko sa wallet, imagine, hindi na kami nakakain ng lunch, as in, I went home na sobrang gutom. Sobrang traffic pa because of that stupid rain.


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