Friday, September 30, 2005

My Heart, My mind

Something worst happened. My friend met an accident. Thank God she was fine now. Get well soon Tets. LOVE YOU SOUL SISTAH! I'l pray for your fast recovery.

I'm right! I'm definitely thinking right. HE'S NOT A GAY! See, I told yah people! I'm gonna prove to you he's not what you're thinking of. Maybe he's an effeminate type but let's not forget that being effeminate and homosexual do have differences. Effeminate can be associated to those metrosexuals, but metrosexuals are not gays. Being effeminate does not really mean liking or attracted to the same gender. Homosexuals get attracted to the gender of the same kind. Lastly, sinong gay would dare to like or moreso play toys na panlalaki talaga?!


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