Friday, September 02, 2005

Midterm Grades!

Some were good, some were not so good but according to my mom was 'pwede na'. Don't get me wrong, I just wanted to share how I perform as a college masscom freshie:

BIO: 4.00
(First time in the history!I wish I would be exempted this finals!)
PSYCH: 3.00
(so sad, i wish I have done good on our test! but it turned out to be the irony)]
COMP: 3.50
(not so bad, it was second to the highest so close to 3.7)
(so sad for this, this was a 5-unit subject!I have to exert my real 'effort' this finals.)
P.E.: 4.00
(i was laughing until now! I never thought I'd be good in aerobics! haha!)

my other grades were still unknown! sana lang, mas okay sa finals, I don't expect that much to be in the DL, my only goal was to pursue what my mom has promised long before I enrol @ st Scho


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