Friday, September 09, 2005

Heavy Duty

Haay, super! I hate this week. Imagine, sabay-sabay yung mga dapat gawin. I was so tired. It was my first time to do our project sa YM. Our project in NSTP kasi was only for one week. We were at Pampanga last saturday, sunday, we have different lives naman, monday - we don't have time to do it, tuesday - again, we don't have time,wednesday - wala rin, mejo gabi na rin akong nakauwi because of our activity in Com Arts, Thursday - OMG, This was a very tiring and stupid day. We were supposed to do our project @ Jona's hauz, we did cut letters from mags, as in, super konti lang ng nagawa namin, our euthenics was at 1, so we hurried, from the very moment we step our feet down the bus, sobrang tumatakbo na kami, imagine the 5 of us(me,jho,jona,pao,cy) running from Vito Cruz(yung sa may Jollibee) towards St. Scho, nung nasa st scho, we have to run fast to reach the M Bldg, 3rd floor pa, and then when we got into our room, wala pala si miss. sobrang haayyyyy! naku naman! we're really tired, feeling hot, sobrang parang we couldn't even breath, parang di na namin ma feel yung aircon.
Thursday night, Cy and I decided to finish the script for our scrapbook presentation sa YM, grabe, yung mata ko sobrang gusto nang matulog pero hindi pwede coz we're not yet done.
Friday, grabe, sa school lang namin tinapos yung scrapbook. Sobrang rush, thank God that was done already, hindi ko na siya kailangang isipin ulit. Ayoko nang mag cram, first time ko mag cram, coz I really hate cramming, for me it would just pressure You.
We don't have Com Arts, thank God. Coz i'm not that feeling well this morning.
But I'm okay now, nakapag rest na'ko for a while.


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