Wednesday, August 17, 2005


there's really something i want to say, it sounds simple: I just want to say I have no regrets of the past. This is about 'that' person who became part of me even just for a short time. I've felt something for him before which I can't explain or even describe how it goes, all I know is when I decided to let him go last June, it's somewhat became a little harder for me, but then, when my doubts are already justified,it became easy for me to say goodbye to that someone I never had. I think It's about time for me to have a break and let my sanity back again. After all, his lessons are enough to make me a better person which I should be especially now that I'm already turning into a lady whose goals should always be prioritized.

well, I have put something about mr. someone important in my xanga. It's not that long though you will really think and think who'll that be, until it came to a point that you'll stop thinking about mr. someone important because you will never get to figure out who is he. There are really things that should be kept private, and one of which is about him - mr. someone important. asI have said in my xanga, the things about mr. someone important is so private that less than ten people get to know about him. You may wonder if mr. someone important is my crush, I must say that I really don't know what am I feeling for him, all I know is he's important that's why I call him mr. someone important. He's not my crush, and I'm sure about it, crush is something that is not serious, I mean, the natural 'kilig' whenever you see him. All I can say for now is that I value him so much.

My friends and I went to Prov (again) this afternoon, after lunch. We've been spending our vacant there for 3 straight days already. Actually, we all improved, on all the four songs, my scores are as follows: 99,99,94,99, hahaha! I think the videoke machine and I are already bestfriends. My friends used to get 99 too. Haha!

SomethinG about the Past . Something about mr. someone important, hmmm, all I can say for now, is my sanity is back, my friends don't need to worry coz I'm okay now.


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