Saturday, August 06, 2005


Monday:i'm not a good dancer. I can't really follow the steps easily. So on monday, I really have to focus so much to get an A or an A- on my midterm!My Gosh! Watta.,,Whheewwww!
Tuesday:I thought we don't have a bio class but that's only for the prod staffs, i'm in the publication committee, but i'm planning to transfer to the academics,sana,pwede!So the result was: I was more than 30 minutes late! Thank God, Ms. Dorado didn't scold me, she only asked me to erase the writings on the board after our lecture!
Wednesday:I really hate this day! My goodness, wala nga kaming NSTP, nakakainis naman nung uwian! My gosh, it's really hard to find a ride home!I really have to be patient in waiting. I don't have a choice but to ride an Fx again!Kasi naman,buses going to Cavite(except for buses going to Cavite City)are always puno, it's only luck pag nakasakay ka!wheew!that's life talaga, whether you hate it or love it.
haay, i was kinda frustrated with what happened yesterday, and last thursday!
Thursday: we had our quiz in bio, I was really upset with the second part, coz,I have a lot of mistakes ther! I hate it! Coz i've been taking care of my performance in my bio, coz, i've been getting good grades with my quizzes and lab activities, but the second part of my last quiz was really frustrating, the first part was okay for me, coz instead of 7/10, i got 8/10 for my honesty!haha!thanks to ms. dorado!it's really cool to be honest!it's like that you're getting freebies!wahaha!enough na nga for the first part! waaa! i hate talaga the second part!i don't want to think about it na!
3:30, dismissal! Charmie didn't go home with me, she had a meeting, so nauna na ko.
Friday: i hate this day! I hate what happened yesterday!Wala kaming comm arts because of the vj hunt(for the WNCAA), I can't go home naman as early as 2:30 coz I have a meeting for the Glee Club at 4. But the meeting didn't start at 4, instead mga before 5 na!I admit, the meeting was good naman, at least, kilala ko na yung iba kong kasama, but the fact that it ended before 6 made me sick. Gosh!Naiiyak na talaga ako(don't take it literally!)it's raining so hard and hello, it's Friday! Traffic! E2 da happenings, I rode the LRT,bumaba ako Central Terminal, I saw na ang haba ng pila on all buses going to Cavite, so i went upstairs to see if there's an fx going to Imus,e2 da happenings, may cutie nakaupo, nakatabi ko pa for a while, feeling ko taga mapua siya!kaya lang, after a while, umalis na xa,don't know kung san nagpunta, mejo hapi na sana kaya lang umalis siya!hehe!nabadtrip ako dahil ang tagal talaga nung fx, wwhhaat da Hell!f**** talaga!no choice but to fall in line, dun na ko pumila sa vergara/starliner, nasa labas na'ko ng park n ride! whhat the hell talaga!Hungry na ko, but no choice, I have to bear that hunger or else, pipila na naman ako! Baka, hanggang city hall na!Gutom na ko sa bus!Inaantok pa!It's so sad, wala pa nagtetxt, feeling ko, no one cares for me!Waaa!Buti na lang, in the middle of the biyahe, nagising ako, nasa Cavite na,grabe, nakatulog na talaga ako!Nagtext si Jaymee and Jamu, buti nga nung una, nagtetxt mama ko, and nagreply si Jona!Eon, nagtext nga cna Charmie and Jamu, okay na feeling ko kahit na stressed out na ko. Eon, past 9, nasa bahay na'ko!Grabe! Nakatulog ako agad!
Saturday: Sked for derma! Haha!I'm really enjoying going to Montage, their skin care products really works,my dermatologist was happy for the outcome of mys skin, 2-3 weeks ko na ginagamit yung products nila, and okay talaga!I love the people pa, they were so accommodating! Grabe!Many thanks to them!

OMG the week that was!Mixed Emotions right!How I wish, the not so good happenings will not be repeated this week!


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